MARCH 2011

Jay & Rhonda Birdwell

“We both suffered from lower back pain for several years. Jay had been to another doctor years before but I hadn’t my mom told me about her experiences and I said I’d never go to a chiropractor who “pops & cracks” you. Jay did get relief for a time but the doctor didn’t explain the process of staying in line & how to keep the problem from worsening.

Jay has had lower back pain for several years & some days he couldn’t stand. He has a knot on his back that never completely went away. The day we came for our 1st visit with Dr. Long, Jay was barely able to walk for the pain. My pain began in 1990 when I worked in a factory & lifted something very heavy. The company sent me to their doctor & he told me it would be ok in time.

Jay came in on a Monday & he was able to go shopping with me on Tuesday. He works long hours standing, bending & lifting but since Dr. Long has been treating him, he has only had minor pain at times. I was even having pain in my ribs but after the 2nd or 3rd alignment I could cough or sneeze with no pain at all. Now that we have been educated on our conditions, we will never suffer in silence again.”



Mr. Billy Hamblen

“I had been going to a chiropractor in Chattanooga for years. The 1st initial visits eased the neck/back pain that I experienced but I had to continuously go back (sometimes as much as once every 1.5 weeks). My sister Lori recommended Dr. Long. After a few visits I could tell a huge difference. Now I only see Dr. Long periodically, mostly for maintenance visits.

I had been having neck pain for about 6 months prior to my 1st initial visits with the chiropractor in Chattanooga. I basically wasted 6 years on sub-standard chiropractic care until I visited Dr. Long. The neck pain was very uncomfortable at times and I spent unnecessary money on gels and icy hot until visiting Dr. Long. If I do need relief for minor stains, I use Bio-Freeze, introduced to me by Dr. Long.

My problems have been helped greatly especially since being introduced to Dr. Long. I now am able to go up to 3 months between visits unless I “tweak” something or schedule a maintenance visit.”



Mrs. Cheryl White

“Had lower back and neck pain; headaches all the time. After coming to Dr. Long I hardly have headaches and my neck and back doesn’t hurt as much.

For about 8 years at times I could have hardly gotten out of bed. When you go to ER all they do is give you meds and send you home. All the meds did for me was make me sleep.

My problems are helped greatly. It helps me do things in life that I couldn’t do otherwise because of the severe pain from my back.”



Ms. Sarah Eidson

“I had a knee injury from playing softball. All I did was put ice on it, and the pain still didn’t go away. With Dr. Long’s help it has subsided. Now whenever I sleep wrong or my job makes my neck go crazy, I’m back in, and he fixes me right up. It just makes you feel better after you get adjusted.

Well, now I have different conditions, hand, neck and knee. My knee since high school and it would hurt to sometimes stand. Then my neck and hand for about 2 years. With work, I guess you would say I injured them. I’m a cosmetologist so when I cut hair my hand will go numb, and my neck gets turned funny, which is not good in the middle of a haircut.

My mom heard about Dr. Long from work, GES, from Sarai Carbough and how much it helped her. Now all of our family comes.

I have had less pain, so I can do more things, like helping Jason on the farm. Plus I have not had to take hardly any pain meds except the every now and then headache.”



Mrs. Angelia Tripp

“I had severe pain in my lower back. On several occasions it got so bad that I couldn’t walk. It hurt to sit down, when I did get in a sitting position I certainly couldn’t get back up. My husband would have to help me up & in & out of bed & the pain was almost unbearable. I had tried a chiropractor, who would manually adjust my spine. I never got much relief. I went from being very active to not being about to do anything for fear of the pain or making my back worse.

I’ve suffered with back pain for 5 years. As I said above I went from very active to not being able to do anything. It was so depressing. I was 30 yrs old and couldn’t do the things I enjoyed like hiking, exercising, playing with my daughter. I was afraid it was going to be that way for the rest of my life and I certainly didn’t want to have surgery. I am a nurse & worked ortho for 2 yrs & our patients who had back surgery returned after a while saying it only helped for a short while.

Thanks to Dr. Long my back is almost pain free. I have returned to living an active lifestyle & enjoying all the things I done in my twenties & I don’t worry about the pain. Dr. Long has been wonderful. He not only adjusted my spine, he coached me & di a lot of teaching each visit to help.

Thank you Dr. Long & staff you’ve all been great!”

How our Patients feel about Chiropractic Health!



“Everyone is so friendly and professional. My treatments have helped my whole body, not to mention the improvement of my back. I have more energy and movement. Chiropractic treatment will make you feel great!”

– Judy H. Layne

“I haven’t felt this good in years. My back, neck and hips feel great. I sleep better and longer each night. I tell all my friends about the good care and loving people at Long Chiropractic.”

– Jenny Moore

“I have felt like a new person since Dr. Monty has been working on my back. This is the best I have felt in at least 10 years. Thanks again Dr. Monty.”

– Sue Freeman

“This is the first year that I’ve not been treated by a medical doctor for chronic sinusitis. Chiropractic has become a preventative means to make my life healthy.”

– Sarai Carbaugh

I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have not had a single headache or migraine since Dr. Long started my treatment. That is priceless!

– Jana Perkins

I originally came in for shoulder pain – Dr. Long not only fixed that but also mid-back pain that I’ve had for years.

– Jessica Dildine

I could barely walk from lower back pain when I first came in, and after my first visit most of my pain was gone, after a few more I could walk normal again, I’m upright and walking thanks to LFC.

– Phillip Moffitt

I have no concerns about Dr. Long’s knowledge and experience in chiropractic care. I have achieved excellent results from his treatment. I also appreciate his knowledge and interest in all aspects of health and well-being.

– Judith Brewer

The service here is great, no waiting long, personnel is very friendly, neat clean, and never in a rush to get rid of you. I have and will refer anyone that needs help to come here!

– Ellen Breland

For eight months I limped because of leg pain. Then, I stared to Long Chiro. Now, I am pain free, Hallelujah! Dr. Monty knows his “stuff” and is persistent. Every case is personal to him!

– Bea Cartwright Lawson

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